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We offer many ways to purchase our excellent compost. The public is welcome to purchase at the same  wholesale price we sell to contractors and landscapers. To keep our prices low, we offer a "cash discount" when paying by cash, check, or debit card.

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Compost - Bagged
Our most popular item, these handy 1.75 cubic foot bags make all aspects of compost application a breeze; from transportation, to storage, to spreading.

$3 = ($2.55/ bag + tax + $.50 bag deposit)

We appreciate you returning the bags. For those who return their bags (no tears, holes, dirt, etc.) we'll credit you 50 cents for each reusable one you bring back towards the bag deposit on their next purchase.

Compost - Bulk Sales
Same great material but at a cost savings. Better suited for larger jobs.

$18 Cubic Yard (16.71 + tax)

Compost Blend
We also make a blend of 70% compost : 30% dirt (by volume) for use in raised beds and other "lifted areas". A 24 hour notice is required for larger orders. We can make other percentages to meet your needs as well. Because of the weight, our delivery truck can carry a maximum of 7 cubic yards of 70:30 mix or 6 cubic yards 50:50 mix.


$26 Cubic Yard  ($24.13 + tax)

Cactus / Succulent Mix

Looking for a faster draining soil mixture for xeriscape / desert / drought resistant plantings? This a mixture that is especially suited for these types of moisture sensitive plants. We blend 50% compost, with 40% sand and 10% birds eye gravel (a very small pea gravel) for a soil that provides nutrients, has good structure, and drains well.

$26 Cubic Yard  ($24.13 + tax)

Reclaimed Birds' Eye Gravel

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This small round pea gravel is excellent for sandbags, walkways, water wise landscaping, dog runs, etc..  It has a very small percentage of wood shavings and will quickly bleach much lighter from sun exposure.

$22 Cubic Yard  ($20.42 + tax)

Cubic Yardage Calculator

Here are a few tips when using the calculator:

1) Typically width and depth measurements are done in feet. Many folks then jump to inches for depth. But when they input the numbers in the calculator, they accidently leave the value as feet, rather than inches. The result is an amount that is way off!

2) Compost and Compost / Dirt products will settle after being placed. A safe rule of thumb is increase the depth measurement by 15% to account for the settling. Once you add water, the height will drop to the final desired level. So if the measured depth is 4.5”, then you would calculate by multiplying 4.5” x 1.15 = 5.18”. For length and width, use the numbers you measured. In the depth box, put 5.1” rather than 4.5”. The result will give you an order amount that will account for settling.

Compost delivery is available depending on our inventory. We service those customers that come to our facility first. If inventory builds, then we will happily deliver. The maximum load is:
16 c.y.'s Compost
7.5 c.y.'s 70:30 Blend
6 c.y.'s 50:50 Blend 

Delivery Rate By City
Anaheim 75
Aliso Viejo 50
Costa Mesa 80
Coto de Caza 60
Dana Point 75
Foothill Ranch 40
Fountain Valley 65
Fullerton 80
Garden Grove 70
Huntington Beach 75
Irvine 40
Ladera Ranch 50
Laguna Beach 80
Laguna Hills 50
Laguna Niguel 55
Lake Forest 25
Mission Viejo 40
Newport Beach 80
Orange 65
Rancho Santa Marg. 50
San Clemente 75
San Juan Capistrano 60
Santa Ana 60
Trabuco Canyon 60
Tustin 50
Yorba Linda 80

Other Cities In Orange County happily quoted.

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