Our Compost

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"18 months ago I couldn't even grow weeds here!"
James C- Lake Forest

Using advanced composting techniques, we provide you with a product that builds soil, by feeding the microorganisms which then supply the nutrients to the plants. Our amendment is organic- just wood shavings from lumber mills and horse manure from hay. Our compost blend is heated to over 150° for an extended period of time ensuring that all seeds are destroyed by the high temperature. This means that you are applying a soil amendment that is weed free.

What you'll first notice is how uniform the color, and the sweet, earthy smell. With proper watering, you're on your way to a great garden.

The compost is rich in soil building organisms, bacteria and fungi. The compost is loaded with these organisms in a dormant stage. With water the come back alive and restart there work.

The best way to build soils is to apply the compost to the surface, a few inches at a time. Over time the original texture will be replaced with a dark loam. Now it is a good time to re-apply.

In the past we have been told that compost should be integrated into the soil by turning with a pitch fork or rototilling. We are discovering that such activities can be more damaging than beneficial. This is because such actions destroy worm burrows and fungi hyphae. These practices are tiring and expensive, and potentially dangerous. You’re better off letting the soil organisms do the hard work for you.

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